Sacred Womb Healing

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The Sacred Womb Healing Program is about energetically healing the feminine womb. You may need at least 3 sessions and if purchased, are advised to commit to all sessions, and be committed to doing all the work, to really benefit and incorporate this deep healing. 

WOMB HEALING. It is an energetic healing for the release of any current or past womb trauma, whether it sources from a current life, a past life or your ancestral lineage, and a reconnection and awakening of your Divine Feminine energyAs women we store much pain, negative emotions and traumas such as sexual abuse, rape, birthing traumas and other unspoken pain in our womb. We also hold emotions like, fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment, neglect, abandonment, regret and a deep sense of longing here. And may have sustained multiple levels of wounding at the individual, historical and collective levels.

Our wombs can also hold ancestral memories of traumas, difficult and violent experiences, where womb energy was invaded, violated, damaged or suppressed. When we are able to open this space and are able to:

  • Face, acknowledge and release past trauma 
  • Let go of pain
  • Stop recreating negative patterns and holding on to negative beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us.
  • Reawaken our Inner Goddess, our Divine Feminine energy.
  • This allows great and powerful healing to take place within our womb.

    Each session we will concentrate on healing a different part of the Feminine. Sessions may include 

    • Sacred Womb Healing & Cleansing,
    • Womb and Heart Re-connection
    • Sacred Womb Blessing
    • Aura & Chakra Clearing & Rebalancing,
    • Third Eye Healing 
    • Baby in the Womb Healing
    • Ancestral Womb Healing
    • Inner Child Healing 

    Each session is created and tailored for your own personal healing needs.

    Sessions last for 75 minutes each

    Please be aware, it is a deep spiritual, mental and emotional journey, that requires you to face your fears, traumas and the deepest and darkest parts of you. You need to be able to fully commit to facing these however uncomfortable that journey may be. It will require you to acknowledge the ancient pain, distortion and disconnection that we have suffered for generations of time upon this planet. But the healing that takes place will be truly profound. 


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