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I offer sessions through Skype or Video call, in your own home (depending on distance) or a booked therapy room in Central London (a surcharge will be involved for the rental of the room). All sessions can be tailored to your choice. 

Reiki Seichem is a form of spiritual healing. It involves pure Divine Source energy that flows through a practitioners hands, through the energy pathways, Chakras, Energetic field and then through their entire body, to rebalance, unblock and promote self healing. It is a beautiful gentle, non invasive healing technique that also has calming, rebalancing and stress reducing effects on a deep natural level and is a very relaxing experience. Sessions activate the natural healing process of your body, restore physical and emotional well-being and help your body, mind and spiritual self, become more in line, free flowing and working to your highest health.

Seicham was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler. Seichem is based on and originates from the same source as Reiki. With Seichem we call forth and channel all four elements: Earth (Reiki), Fire (Sakara), Water (Sophi-El) and Air (Angel Light) and also use the Violet Flame. So it is very a very powerful healing. 

REIKI – is the Earth Element, earth energy are those of grounding and foundation. The grounding and earthing properties of Reiki form a base so all other elements and healing rays can be channelled. Reiki harmonises and rebalances our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

SAKARA – is the Fire Element. Sakara works on the electro-magnetic field surrounding our bodies (the aura). It “burns” through blockages, and cleanses all the chakras. 

SOPHI-EL - is the Water Element. It is associated with our emotions. Sophi-El reaches deep within the emotions to find the core (the cause and effect) of disturbances and opens our heart to receive love and feel compassion. It can also help with addictions and increasing our intuitive abilities. 

ANGELIC LIGHT - is the air element but also works with the angelic realm. Angelic Light establishes a link with the Angelic realms, facilitating contact with angels and higher beings so during the session, you may experience the presence of Angels and  the sensations of their healing hands being placed on your body. 

VIOLET FLAME - This beautiful violet healing energy takes all that is in disharmony with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and shifts it into harmony. It works to create harmony in a situation, for the highest good of all and harmonises anything out of balance.

The session will last one hour


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