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Past Life Regression is a therapeutic therapy that allows us to take a journey back to other lifetimes we may have experienced.  We are able to use visualisation and light hypnosis to be able to recall and explore these times. It can be a very successful way in releasing traumas, blocks and patterns that are holding you back from reconnecting with your Inner Goddess. It allows us to get to the source of a problem, issue, fear or phobia, attachment or symptom that is affecting us in our current life, to truly heal these on a deep level.

During regression, we are able to:

  • Release and change negative patterns and beliefs
  • Release repressed feelings
  • Re-wire neuron connections
  • Re-create memories
  • Access long term and repressed memories
  • Release spiritual and energetic blockages
  • Examine any lessons learned from a spiritual perspective 
  • Discover the source of physical ailments
  • Learn about your karmic path with people who have been with you through multiple lifetimes
  • Find the source of attachments to people, places, or objects
  • Learn more about your soul's path
  •  This can help us reconnect with our deeper selves and truly come into our power.
If we have negative blocks, patterns and traumas we have not yet fully released and healed, we are unable to completely move forward and experience love and life in it's entirety. Our pain and unhealed traumas can be like an anchor that can keep us stuck and stagnant in one place, and repeating negative patterns throughout our lives. Once they are truly healed from the source, we able to profoundly ignite our magic and power, become our highest self and therefore can become hugely empowered and transformed.. 

For more information about PLR, please read my blog post: Past Life Regression.

The session will last up to 2 hours

These sessions are only available in-person

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