New Moon Ritual

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🌑  New moons are all about new beginnings, new opportunities and Manifesting. It’s a perfect time to set intentions of what we want to manifest and bring into our lives. The dark side of the Moon offers a nurturing environment, like the Earths soil. Setting intentions at this time is like planting seeds into the soil. It is the perfect environment for them to establish roots and as the Moon continues its cycle, these manifestations of your dreams and desires begin to sprout and grow into the light, like the moon. Doing a New Moon Manifesting ritual gives you the opportunity to work with the New Moon energy to bring your desires into reality, nurture your dreams and grow within yourself. Our creative abilities are also heightened at this time. I love working with Moon phases as they are so powerful. If you're interested in working with the New Moon, I have written a New Moon Ritual that you can follow. You can either use the whole ritual or personalise it for you. 

🌑  New Moons aren't the only time you can manifest. You can manifest at any point in the month. Manifesting on a New Moon just makes your manifestations and intentions more potent as you're working with such a powerful energy. There are also many ways to manifest, so go with what resonates with you the most and remember, intentions are one of the most important things in manifesting, bringing joy, love and abundance into your life, healing and helping others

🌑  I've made this New Moon Ritual completely free of charge, as I wanted to say thank you to all my customers and give those who are just awakening a little helping hand. If you would like an digital image download of it, all you need to do is press the "Contact Us" button and ask and I'll email you a copy. (Please allow 24 hours for reply) 

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