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House, Space and Aura Clearing (remote sessions)

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Just like our bodies and our Auras, our homes, offices and spaces can become clogged of negative and stagnant energies too.

  • We leave floating memories flying around
  • Our energy imprints
  • Other peoples energies and imprints and
  • Sometimes we can also bring in spiritual attachments which can cause all kinds of issues.

This can cause our homes and spaces to become clogged and congested with thick negative energy, etheric mucus and entities. Our environments are subject to the energy of everything and everyone around them. As well as this, we have a significant amounts of EMF activity and radiation in the form of our computers, tv's, mobile phones, land lines, satellite, photocopiers, microwaves and more. 

These stagnant and negative energies can cause us and our families to feel:

  • Unbalanced
  • Depressed
  • Not ourselves
  • Fatigued
  • Experience mood swings 

It can also affect

  • Plant growth
  • Pet behaviour and health changes
  • Cause home businesses to become slow and less productive
  • Cause electrical faults
  • Feelings of negativity and feeling uncomfortable
  • And can also affect house sales as the energy feels dense and unwelcoming. 

Negative energy, imprints and destructive lower energies, subject us and everyone else who enters these spaces to this noxious energy. Because of this, it is really important to regularly clear ourselves and the spaces we live and work in. It's like giving them a spiritual healing session. 

House, Space and Aura remote clearing sessions first consists of conducting an energy reading of your home and aura, in which I give you a full description of what I picked up. I then clear and cleanse away any lower vibrational energy or attachments present and infuse you, your home and space with higher vibrational energy, using Divine light, White Crystalline Light, Angelic Light and Reiki Seichem. Releasing and sending any negative or lower vibrational entities into Divine Light. Creating a protective energetic field around you, your home/space, windows and doorways. Then completing the session by downloading Divine unconditional love into you, your home and space. This will clear, rebalance and enhance the energetic atmosphere and restore your current surroundings to a more higher vibrational energy and harmonious light filled state. 

All sessions are done remotely

(You will be provided with a written session overview of any findings during the energy reading and cleansing).

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