Womb & Heart Reconnection purification track

Heart & Womb Reconnection Purification Track

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This is a powerful healing and Divine reconnection purification, to create a reconnection and purification between your heart and womb space. To support deeper energetic healing, removal of any blockages and a Divine union, so these two sacred centres can flow together in harmony. With Solfeggio Healing Tone 432hz.

Track: 19 minutes long

Session 4; in the Sacred Womb Healing Audio Collection

As women we store much pain, traumas, negative emotions and unspoken pain in our womb area. We also hold emotions like, fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment, neglect, abandonment, regret and a deep sense of longing here. And may have sustained multiple levels of wounding at the individual, ancestral, historical and collective levels. We also store pain and trauma in our heart, shutting it down and creating energetic walls of protection around it. This often causes us disconnect ourselves from these areas, sabotage real love and create blockages between our heart and our womb space, in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling the severe pain of these traumas again.

This purification & reconnection meditation allows us to create a reconnection and dissolve any blockages and walls by raising the energetic vibration of our womb and heart, using Divine Source and Earth energies. It allows us to re-connect these two sacred centres and bathe them in Unconditional Love. Allowing our heart to open, our feminine energy to rise and our Inner Goddess to re-awaken.

It can be used whether your womb is still physically present or not, as the womb space is still there. 

Use with intention alone, as part of the Sacred Womb Healing Audio Collection or as support work during or in-between healing sessions. 

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