Grounding & Centring Aromatherapy Mist Spray

Grounding & Centring Aromatherapy Mist Spray

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A powerful beautiful aromatic Reiki and Crystal infused balancing and centring aromatherapy spray. 

  • Highly Grounding, reconnects you to the Earth
  • Balances all Chakras
  • Centres & helps you become present in your body
  • Calms and stills the mind
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Relaxing
  • Energising & Uplifting
  • Helps release emotional blockages & fears

Amber bottle infused with chips of Red Jasper crystals. These genuine crystal gemstone chips help further enhance the powerful properties of the beautiful aromatherapy mist spray. 

All items are made on the day of purchase, made from natural ingredients which are, organic whenever possible, wildcrafted or ethically harvested, free from parabens or synthetic fragrances, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and infused with Reiki, Crystal energy and Angelic Light. All products are placed on a crystal grid for 48 hours before dispatch.


  • Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii), Sandalwood (Santalum album), Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin), Benzoin (Styrax Benzoin)
  • Natural Purified Water
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Small trace of vodka as a natural preservative

*If you are under 16, pregnant, breast feeding or under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor before purchasing*.

Crystals and candles not included

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