Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

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Full moons herald a time for endings, letting go and releasing what no longer serves us. It’s also a great time for detoxing and energetic clearing.

A very powerful time indeed. Letter burning is a great releasing ritual to do on a full Moon. Holding onto things that no longer serve us keep us stagnant and hinder our spiritual advancement. Illuminating these things helps us become aware of them and they become easier to let go of. We are then able to create space in our lives that allows better things to come to us. I have done this ritual many times and feel it’s very powerful.

Think about and write down all the things you want to let go of and make that intention to release, all the pain, emotions, hardships and grief that you no longer want to hold on to. Write them down and prepare to release them and let them go on a Full Moon.

Of course this is not the only time you can do this. You can use this Releasing Ritual at any time you want to, it just has more power on a Full Moon due to all the energy that a Full Moon harbours.

I've made this Moon Ritual completely free of charge, as I wanted to say thank you to all my customers and give those who are just awakening a little helping hand. If you would like an digital image download of it, all you need to do is press the "Contact Us" button and ask and I'll email you a copy 

(Please allow 24 hours for reply).

If you want to give your ritual a little more kick, take a look at my Full Moon Aromatherapy oil. This oil is made with specific essential oils that help with releasing, letting go, attuning with your higher self, removing blockages, detoxing of your body, mind and spirit.

Full Moon Aromatherapy Oil

What will you be releasing this Full Moon? =)

Love, Light & Blessings

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