Full Card Reading

Full Card Reading

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This a full spread that consists of around seven or more cards. This reading will give you more of an in depth insight into your situation and the energy that is around you at this time. It also answers more questions and gives a deeper understanding about the subject you are enquiring about. Giving you insight about the recent past, present, any guidance and probable outcome for the path that you are currently on.

This reading can be tailored to a specific question you may have or can just be a general reading.

Heres how it works ....
After purchasing, please send me your:

1)Name & Email
2)Question you would like advice about (if you have one).
3)Any addition information you would like to add

If you have any questions beforehand about your reading, please feel free to send those too. 

I read cards intuitively with the help of my spirit guides and Angels. I will send you your reading via voice recording or video. If I send your reading by voice recording, I will email you a photo of your cards. Please allow up to 72 hours for me to finalise and send you your reading. Occasionally I will receive extra messages from my Spirit Guides to accompany the reading, on these occasions I will include these free of charge. =)

*Disclaimer: Please note: all readings are for guidance only, they are not legal advice, medical, therapeutic, or psychological counselling. Any decisions you make after the outcome of the reading are by your own free will and responsibility. I am not responsible for any alleged injuries physical, psychological, mental, or emotional that may result from your purchased reading.

*Over 18’s Only


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