Energy Body Clearing & Rebalancing

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Our lives can be full of hassles, deadlines and demands at work, finances, relationships and family. For many stress is a common factor of every day life. Our bodies and our Auras can become clogged with negative and stagnant energies. These stresses can cause blockages and imbalances in our bodies that can result in pain, illnesses, depression and other ailments, in our physical bodies as well as our minds and can affect our relationships, productivity and quality of life. It can also affect our ability to move forward, holding us back from the life and person we want to be.

Energy Body Clearing & Rebalancing sessions, help realign, rebalance, unblock and release these blockages and promotes self healing. It is a gentle healing technique that has calming, rebalancing and stress reducing effects on a deep natural level and is a very relaxing experience. Sessions activate the natural healing process of your body, restoring energy flow, physical and emotional well-being and help your body, mind and spiritual self, become more in line, free flowing and working to your highest health.


I believe that healing consists of being healed on all levels of your body, mind and soul. So for these sessions, I use a variety of different modalities including, Sound Healing, Colour healing, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditations and Energy Body Activations, to create sessions that I feel help on the highest level possible, so that your healing can continue long after you leave your session.

Sessions last for 2 hours

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