Inner Divine Warrior Awakening Sessions

Inner Divine Warrior Awakening Sessions

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I offer sessions through Skype or Video call, or a booked therapy room in Central London (a surcharge will be involved for the rental of the room).

The healing and awakening of your Inner Divine Warrior has been long overlooked and ignored. Over centuries, men have been subjected to forms of conditioning, which has resulted in a distorted perspective of "what it means to be considered a man". If they don't live up to these old templates, they can feel unworthy, weak, disempowered, humiliated, and leave them feeling like they have failed in their masculinity. This old conditioned thinking is simply not true and it is time it was deconstructed, so you are able to release old patterns and blocks to truly be able to awaken your Inner Divine Warrior and your Divine Masculine energy. (For more info see blog post: "What is your Inner Divine Warrior?"

Masculine energy in its balanced Divine form is powerful, protective and courageous, disciplined, passionate and focussed. When you connect with your Inner Divine Warrior, you can have major breakthroughs and experience great shifts in your energy and your lives. You will feel more balanced and life will flow more easily rather than constantly feeling like a struggle. You will feel more connected with yourself and those around you. You will feel more confident about going for what you truly want and achieving great results. You will feel stronger in your masculinity, life and attract more fulfilling relationships. You will gain a greater understanding of all things and be able to tackle any challenges that are thrown your way with greater ease and grace. You will feel freer and more confident to be in touch with your emotions and so feel more balanced in your being. 

By reconnecting with your Inner Divine Warrior, you are awakening the Divine Masculine and creating inner harmony. You are reconnecting to the wholeness deep within yourself and coming into your true power and Divine masculine energy. You will feel stronger, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and so create major shifts and profound healing throughout your whole entire life and being. It is time to rise into your power!

Inner Divine Warrior Healing sessions are tailored to your own personal healing journey. They are a combination of several modalities (see Healing session overviews tab for a list of which modalities may be used), to create healing throughout all of your Auric bodies and across all four levels, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

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