Deep Energetic Trauma Release

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Alchemizing darkness into love.

You may need at least 3 sessions to truly benefit and incorporate this deep healing. Deep Energetic Trauma Release sessions, combine many forms of Energy healing modalities together. During sessions we:

  • Identify the source of deeply buried emotional trauma
  • Acknowledge and release it
  • Aid healing of the symptoms, patterns, fears and beliefs attached to the experience of it 
  • Release stuck and stagnant energy you may still carry from your past 
  • Shift anxiety, fear, pain, uncertainty and repeated negative patterns into positivity, empowerment, clarity and calm
  • Release limiting beliefs, vows and oaths, that you may have and still be carrying from experiences and trauma in your current life, past lives or childhood. 
  • Resolve, complete and release, Ancestral Linage Shadows and trauma you may be carrying for your bloodline. 
  • Clear and raise your mental state, so you are able to better heal yourself, understand how to learn and elevate from past trauma, learn lessons and gain wisdom from the experiences, with more grace and ease. 

Please be aware, it is a deep spiritual, mental and emotional journey, that requires you to face your fears, traumas and the deepest and darkest parts of you. You need to be able to fully commit to facing these, however uncomfortable that journey may be. It will require you to acknowledge past and ancient pain, distortion and disconnection that you have suffered, possibly for generations of time upon this planet. But the healing that takes place will be truly profound. And the enlightenment and growth that emanates, will be truly magical.

    Sessions last for 75-90 minutes each 

    *Please note that energy healing should not and does not replace conventional medicine or treatment from a professional medical practitioner. It is a beautiful additional therapy and compliments prescribed treatment, to help and heal on all levels of your being.* 

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