Cord Cutting Meditation

Cord Cutting Meditation

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Cutting cords with things and people that no longer serve us is one of the most important things we can do for our spiritual development, spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical health. Having cord attachments not only keeps us stagnant and in the same place but it prevents us in moving forward and truly being in our own energy. When people attach etheric cords to us, it allows them to drain us of our positive energy whenever they feel down or in need of an uplift and also keeps them in a negative place, telling the Universe that they are totally dependant on someone else's energy to stay uplifted and positive. So they create and are brought more negative situations in their life that require them to need to continue to do this. It also leaves us feeling drained, down for no known reason and with lack of energy and motivation. This works both ways regardless of whether its someone else who creates the cord or whether it's us, ourselves. 

If we place cords into places (work, homes when we are trying to move or sell up etc), it will keeps us tied and anchored to that place, not being able to move forward. We create these cords all the time, usually without realising, so it's really important to cut these on a regular basis so we are able to keep moving forward keep in our best health and progressing on our paths, whether it be spiritual or physical. 

(If you would like an digital image download of it, all you need to do is press the "Contact Us" button and ask and I'll email you a copy *Please allow 24 hours for reply*).These are only a short versions but still very powerful. I will be uploading a longer guided meditations soon. This will take you on a guided meditation that will take you to a deeper level and really allow you to cut these cords and truly be in your highest and best state.

I have also created a Aura & Room Clearing Mist spray to help you with attachments and clearing energy while keeping you protected, centred and grounded. This is one of my favourite aromatherapy sprays, I use it on a daily basis with clients and in my own life. Follow the link below to check out the Mist spray!

Aura & Room Cleansing Mist Spray

Enjoy beautiful souls

Love, Light & Blessings

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