Inner Goddess Awakening & Womb Healing

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The Inner Goddess Awakening Program is about healing the feminine (including womb healing, womb and heart re-connection, Ancestral Lineage Healing and Inner Child Healing). This program consists of 3, two hour sessions. You are advised to commit to all 3 sessions to really benefit and incorporate this deep healing. As each session we will concentrate on healing a different part of the Feminine. 

When we connect with our Inner Goddess, we come into our true power as a woman and experience true profound deep healing. When we are disconnected from this part of ourselves, it inhibits us in many ways. This can lead us to feeling incomplete, lost, lacking self-worth, confidence and love and repeating the same negative patterns over and over again. Once we have realised our own power, we can accomplish anything! Re-connecting to this Divine part of ourselves allows us to:

  • Rise into our Divine Feminine power giving you a new sense of confidence and purpose
  • Let go of old negative patterns, creating more positivity in your life
  • Your fears and others will no longer be able to define who you are 
  • You will be able to better heal yourself through traumas and challenges, understand how to learn and elevate from the lessons and gain wisdom from the experiences, with more grace and ease.
  • You will be able to better attract and experience the love that you desire and deserve
  • Call in your perfect partners or enhance your current relationship to become more fulfilling and balanced.
  • You will have the courage to own your power with confidence, self love and clarity and be able to inspire and help others own theirs.

    For more information about awakening you inner Goddess and Divine Feminine energy, please read my blog: What is our Inner Goddess?

    We also work with the powerful energy of one of the Ancient Divine Goddesses. Each persons experience in these sessions will be personal, as we will call the Goddess to best help you at this present moment in time, to come forward and offer her help, during the session. 

    Sessions last for 2 hours 

    Sessions are conducted through Skype or Video call or in your own home (depending on distance). 

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