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Energy Alchemy sessions combine many forms of Energy healing modalities together, to create healing throughout all of your Auric bodies and across all four levels, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. To shift anxiety, fear, pain, uncertainty and repeated negative patterns, into positivity, empowerment, clarity, calm and relaxation. Energy Alchemy sessions also release people from stuck and stagnant energy, limiting beliefs, vows and oaths, that they may have and still be carrying from their past and helps our bodies, minds and spiritual selves become more in line, balanced and free flowing.

During these sessions, I:

  • Relax you with a deep meditation so you are able to access your sub-conscious mind (this is the place where you hold all your long term memories, patterns and beliefs. It's our higher mind and also our connection to higher planes).
  • Here we meet and ask your Higher Self/Soul what issues need to be addressed most at this moment in time, to allow you to move forward. Our Soul always knows what needs to be overcome and released, in order for us to move forward and be in true alignment.
  • We take a trip to the Akashic Records to find out the source of when this pattern, belief was first created. (Please note, this can sometimes be from a Past life. In this case, we will take a journey into this lifetime to clear them). It is from the source that we are able to completely and fully release and heal.
  • Any limiting beliefs you may have, that may be a contributing factor towards the blockages and patterns you are experiencing can be changed into empowering ones here, using a Theta healing® technique. 
  • A final clearing or your Aura (Aura Sweep) and realigning of your chakras is then performed to clear any residue energy and rebalance you.
  • We finish with a grounding meditation to further integrate the healing and ground you on the physical plane. 

Sessions last for 2 hours 

Sessions are conducted through Skype or Video call or in your own home (depending on distance). 

For more info on our Energetic Alignment Healing session, click on the Energetic Alignment tab in "Healing Session Overviews". For more info on the different modalities that make up the 'Energetic Alignment' sessions, please check the "Healing Session Overviews" tab.


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