OLD Meditations

Meditating is a great way to relax your mind and body. It helps you be in the moment, develop better concentration, clarity, improves your inner awareness and gain an inner peace, appreciation and gratitude for life. It is a way of transforming your mind and with regular practice, can develop into a deepened and profoundly peaceful yet energised state of mind. This can help you gain positive transformative experiences that can lead to a new understanding of life and cultivate a new positive way of being.

Meditation dates back hundreds of years and is still being used by many religions and faiths. There are many different types of meditation, some are more advanced than others but they are all very effective. If you don't feel one type of meditation works for you, there are many many others you can try that may suit you better. I have some meditations in the "Freebies" section of the website, and also some guided meditations on my YouTube Channel to try. I have posted a couple below with a link I will be uploading more meditations and videos over time so subscribe for notifications on new uploads.