OLD Energetic Alignment Overview

Energetic Alignment sessions combine many forms of Energy healing modalities together, to create healing throughout all of your Auric bodies and across all four levels, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It helps realign, unblock, rebalance and release these blockages and negative beliefs and helps our bodies, minds and spiritual selves become more in line, balanced, free flowing and working to our highest health. Energetic Alignment sessions also release people from stuck and stagnant energy and beliefs they may have and still carry from their past. It helps clear and raise our mental state and by doing so aids the repair of the entire energy system. *Please note that energy healing should not and does not replace conventional medicine or treatment from a professional medical practitioner. It is a beautiful additional therapy and compliments prescribed treatment, to help and heal on all levels of your being.* 

Follow up sessions are sometimes required but not compulsory.

I offer sessions through Skype or Video call, in your own home (depending on distance) or a booked therapy room in Central London (a surcharge will be involved for the rental of the room). Skype and video call sessions are just as powerful. They  allow me to work with people who are in other parts of the world and those who are not able to attend physically.

These sessions are a combination of Theta Healing®, Angel Therapy, Aura & Chakra Clearing, Colour Healing, Reiki Seichem, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Meditations and Energy Body Activations.

Please note, if sessions are being conducted through Distance healing, they will differ slightly to the in-person sessions. The space you are in and the space I am working in, will be cleansed and cleared, to create a safe conducive environment. I will then open you up energetically for the highest healing. I can do this using a hands on technique or I can do this remotely (this is in no way intrusive and you always remain fully clothed). During the session, we will speak about any beliefs you may have, that may be a contributing factor and I'll use a Theta healing® technique to change any limiting beliefs, that may be contributing towards the blockages and patterns you are experiencing. 

We start with a meditation to help you become relaxed and feel at ease so you can get the most out of the session. Guardian angels and Archangels are called in to facilitate in the session. I will perform a cord cutting with Archangel Michael. If you are attending the session in person, coloured Chakra scarves will are then placed on your body along with corresponding crystals. If you are attending the session remotely, I will visualise this energetically, using colours and tuning into the vibration of certain crystals. An 'Intuitive Energetic Body Scan' will then be performed on you, to find out which areas of your body and Auric energy field may have blockages (this is in no way intrusive and you always remain fully clothed). I will then use Divine light energy and crystals to align, rebalance and unblock any blockages or imbalances that I feel are present. A crystal grid will be drawn over your auric field to further release and shift stuck energy and rebalance and align your chakras, if you are attending a Distance Healing session, I will energetically work with the vibration of these crystals. An energy activation will also be carried out. The type of activation will vary according to your needs. When the session is finished, I will perform a sweep of your auric body. Then ground and centre you using a grounding technique. During the session we play relaxing music and, if you are attending in person, use Aromatherapy oils, sprays and candles to create an relaxing, peaceful environment. If you prefer not to use these or are not comfortable with any part of the session, please just let me know and I will customise it to your needs. As it is ultimately about you relaxing, healing and enjoying the experience.  For a deeper understanding about the healing therapies used in this session, please go to the significant therapy overviews.

All consultations are free of charge and do NOT bind you to any agreement or session. Whether you want to proceed after the consultation is completely your choice.