Energetic Alignment (Remote Phone sessions)

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It's difficult to put an explanation in a short paragraph as Energy Healing is such an extensive topic. But I'll do the best I can...We are all energy, animals, humans and plants, even the planets and the stars in the solar system. All living things are energy. This energy is called many things, Chi, Prana, Ki, Life Force energy and others but whatever you prefer to call it, it all consists of the same thing. Unconditional LOVE, Divine Grace, it is our connection to all of creation. It is part of us, runs through us and is all around us. If this flow of energy is disrupted due to trauma, unhealthy eating, being in negative relationships, work, stress and even just everyday living, it can block this flow of energy and cause illnesses, depression and other ailments in our physical bodies as well as our mind. It can also cause us to feel out of balance, confused, depressed and lost.

Energetic Alignment is a form of Energy Healing. It combines many forms of Energy healing modalities together to create healing throughout all of your Auric bodies and across all four levels, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It helps realign, unblock, rebalance and release these blockages and negative beliefs and helps our bodies, minds and spiritual selves become more in line, balanced, free flowing and working to our highest health. Energetic Alignment also releases people from stuck and stagnant energy and beliefs, they may have and still carry from their past. It helps clear and raise our mental state and by doing so aids the repair of the entire energy system. *Please note that energy healing should not and does not replace conventional medicine or treatment from a professional medical practitioner. It is a beautiful additional therapy and compliments prescribed treatment, to help and heal on all levels of your being.* 

 All consultations are free of charge and do NOT bind you to any agreement or session. Whether you want to proceed after the consultation is completely your choice. 

This session lasts 30 minutes long and is conducted through Skype, Video call or by phone call 

I am fully insured, certified and have qualifications recognised by: 

THInK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge), CMA (Complimentary Medical Association), IANLPC (International Association Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching) , IAHT (International Association Holistic Therapists), ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists, BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology.