Copy of Angel Therapy overview

Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing modality that involves working with Angels and a persons Guardian Angels to help heal, align you with abundance and bring your life into harmony. The session will help you receive messages from the Creator, and your angels. Your angels are always communicating with you, in many different ways but we sometimes miss or don't perceive their messages. Angel Therapy can help you better understand the Divine guidance you are receiving and be more open and receptive to it. The session will also help you de-stress, relax and feel rejuvenated.

Everyone has angels, we can have many around us at any given time and we are all born with at least two Guardian Angels, (assigned to us by the Creator), who have been with us since birth. They are ready and waiting for us to ask them for help in every area of our life. There are also many more angels and also Archangels that we can call upon to help us with whenever we feel the need to. They can help us overcome obstacles, gain courage, find love, find a new job, bring us new opportunities and help in many more aspects of our life. Opening our lives to Divine guidance and our angelic friends, help create a more peaceful, abundant and harmonic life. However, angels do not interfere with our free will so we have to ask them for guidance and help. Angel Therapy helps you connect to your angels, receive messages, Divine guidance and also learn how to recognise it and be more open to it in the future.

I am fully insured, certified and have qualifications recognised by: THInK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge), CMA (Complimentary Medical Association), IANLPC (International Association Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching) , IAHT (International Association Holistic Therapists), ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists, BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology.