Hello beautiful souls. Welcome to my blog page. Each month, I'll try and provide something interesting and informative for you to read. Sometimes it'll be about my day, experiences, sometimes new products I have created for you to help in your spiritual advancement and sometimes it'll be info on particular events that are happening or upcoming. Whatever it is, I promise to try and make sure it's always it's motivational and inspiring for your growth, your mind, body and spirit. Namaste =)


June 5th 2019

One of the Most Powerful Healing's


April 15th 2019

A Past Life Regression Experience 


February 8th 2019


What is your "Inner Masculine Warrior?"


February 5th 2019

What is our "Inner Goddess?" 


January 23rd 2019

What is Past Life Regression


June 17th 2018


  Full Moon Energy




January 5th 2018 


Why is Grounding so important?