About Me

    Hello and welcome to my website. =)

I'm Natalie and I'm the founder of Celestial Bliss. I am an Energy Alchemist which means that I am able to transmute and transform energy from negative form into Divine form.  I am also able to help create energetic shifts to help create flow, throughout your Meridians, physical and Auric bodies, which has positive effects on all levels of your being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and in turn, can transform your life.

Relax, Rebalance and Restore your life.

am a certified and fully insured:

*Spiritual Advisor for Self Development & Empowerment

*Mindfulness and Empowerment Coach

*Meditation Teacher

*Animal Reiki Practitioner

*Reiki Seichem Practitioner 

*Angel Healing Practitioner

*Advanced Theta Healing®  Practitioner


*Intuitive and Energy Reader

*Chakra & Aura Healing Practitioner

*Crystal Healing Practitioner  

*Past Life Regression Practitioner

I love uplifting and empowering others and helping them create the abundant life they were born to live. I have many qualifications, natural gifts and knowledge as well as vast experience and personal experience, of many ways and methods that can positively help you elevate your life and consciousness, transform your life and bring about your dreams and goals. 

If you would like to know more about what I do, or would like a session or consultation about any of the services I provide, please feel free to drop me a message via the "Contact Us" button.

Until then..Namaste.

"Beautiful minds inspire others"

#Radiate Love

Love, Light & Blessings
Celestial Bliss