Meditations & Purification Tracks

These meditation Purification tracks use the powerful Theta Healing® Technique and are infused with Reiki, Angelic Light and Unconditional Love to align you with Divine Source energy, which makes these purifications very powerful. They are delivered in a specific order in which helps you gain the most healing but can also be used alone for those already on their healing journey.

They are different from meditations in the fact that they take you into a Theta state and create a healing space. The Theta brain wave is where your sub-conscious mind lies, where you store all long term memories and can change negative thinking, beliefs and release suppressed emotions and traumas. 

They support you in raising your vibrational frequency and mind state, to create a purification space to allow deep healing to occur. They will not only help you to re-awaken your Feminine energy/Divine Inner Goddess but by helping you to heal on the highest level, they will also aid you in bringing forth the life you desire, within yourself, in relationships and careers, allowing you to truly experience unconditional love, become the highest version of yourself and stand in your Divine power.