Energy Healing

It's difficult to put an explanation in a short paragraph as Energy Healing is such an extensive topic. But I'll do the best I can...We are all energy, animals, humans and plants, even the planets and the stars in the solar system. All living things are energy. This energy is called many things, Chi, Prana, Ki, Life Force energy and others but it whichever you prefer to call it, it all consists of the same thing. Unconditional LOVE, Divine Grace. It is part of us, runs through us and is all around us. If this flow of energy is disrupted due to trauma, unhealthy eating, being in negative relationships etc, it can block this flow of energy and cause illnesses, depression and other ailments in our physical bodies as well as our mind.

Energy Healing helps realign, unblock and release these blockages and beliefs and helps our bodies, minds and spiritual selves become more in line, free flowing and working to our highest health. *Please note that energy healing should not and does not replace conventional medicine or treatment from a professional medical practitioner. It is a beautiful additional therapy and compliments prescribed treatment, to help and heal on all levels of your being.* 

There are many different types of Energy Healing out there. They are referred to as "Healing Modalities". Some may work better for you than others. It really depends on the individual. We believe that healing consists of being healed on all levels of your body, mind and soul. So for our therapy sessions, we combine the different modalities that we have learnt to create one that we feel helps on the highest level possible, so that your healing can continue long after you leave your session. If there is one therapy that you particularly prefer, please drop us a message and we will accommodate you in any way we can.