Aromatherapy Body Scrubs

Salt scrubs have many health benefits and contain minerals and electrolytes. Some of the amazing benefits include, detoxifying the body, improves hydration, improves mineral status of the body and helps balance blood sugar, blood pressure and hormones. They can also help relieve migraines, increase energy and improve adrenal function. 
Essential oils have many benefits also, some of which are, relaxing, healing, alleviating pain, improving digestion, reducing cellulite and wrinkles and increasing energy and moods. They also have many spiritual benefits also.
Just some of the benefits of Argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are: they are rich in Vitamin A & E, Vitamin B complex, rich in fatty acids, packed with antioxidants, they boost cell reduction and rejuvenation, wrinkle prevention, highly moisturising, healing, they are great for a variety of skin conditions and weight loss. 

Salt scrubs are an amazing way to detox, relax and revive the body, mind and soul. Combined with the indulgent properties and health benefits of essentials oils and natural oils, they are a great addition to your weekly pamper and home spa routine.