Why Grounding is so important....

Grounding is so important for us to do on a daily basis. Sometimes due to life's challenges, work, situations we encounter or even just living day to day, we can become ungrounded and disconnected with our bodies. It makes us feel all over the place, very much in our heads, unable to concentrate and make decisions or "away with the fairies" (as my gran used to say). When we are ungrounded it more difficult to feel appreciative of the things we have in our lives also can make us feel unemotional or even over. Time seems to move so fast and we don't have time to enjoy the present moment. Physically we feel drained all the time and disconnected to our feelings, which can cause problems in our bodies, stress, panic attacks, palpitations and spiritually we can come across all kinds of problems, putting on weight, using all our own energy when healing others and being drained, more open to spiritual attachments, unbalanced and blocked chakras and blockages of energy pathways are just a few things being ungrounded can cause. 

Grounding and Mindfulness actually help many physical ailments such as stress and panic attacks. They help you focus on the present moment and not let your mind race with irrational fears and thoughts of things, that more than likely, may not even happen. Being ungrounded can also hinder your spiritual development and make your manifestations less powerful. Grounding is especially important after meditating and doing any spiritual work (for the reasons listed above). I feel it also helps you feel calmer within yourself and able to enjoy your day. It helps you truly appreciate and feel grateful for what you have. If your are an Empath, being grounded is so important. As Empaths and spiritual workers, we consistently take on other peoples energies. When we ground we are able to disconnect from these and send to the light all energies which are not our own. Plus it helps us stay centred and focused. I have found grounding to be such a major part of my spiritual development and advancement. 

 Grounding yourself regularly helps to stay focused, in the present moment and connected to the Earth 🌏 , your body and mind. It's also helps you to feel less stressed and helps relieve tension and blockages within your body, that can turn into ailments or illnesses. There are many ways to ground yourself. Grounding is also so important for Empaths and spiritual workers to do on a daily basis a few times a day. Here are some ways in which you can ground in Nature. One of the most beautiful ways of grounding 🍁🍂🌲🌳 

In my Freebies section are a couple of methods you can use to help you with ground. They are only a short versions but still very powerful. I will be uploading a longer guided meditations soon, that will be available to buy for a small price. This will take you on a guided meditation that will take you to a deeper level and really allow you to feel fully grounded and in your body and fully present in the moment.

I have also created a Grounding and Centring Mist spray and oil to help you stay grounded when you are short on time or having a few difficulties physically grounding yourself. I find these especially helpful and use them all the time on myself and my clients once I have finished sessions with them.

Grounding & Centring Mist Spray

Hope you enjoyed this blog post =)

Love, Light & Blessings