What is our "Inner Goddess?"

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This is one for the ladies....

There are many teachings, videos and blogs out there now about "Awakening our Inner Goddess." But who is our Inner Goddess and what does it mean to awaken her? 

All women have this beautiful Divine Goddess within us. It's the part of us that is our feminine being, our feminine power and identity. Our Divine Feminine energy and our sensuality. When we connect with our Inner Goddess, we can have major breakthroughs and experience great shifts in our energy and our lives. We come into our true power as a woman. 

Our "Inner Goddess" is awaiting patiently for us to remember she is there and recognise who she is! Are you ready to ignite your feminine magic?

There are many ways you can begin to awaken with your Divine Inner Goddess, our Divine feminine energy. The first and most important one is to realise your worth and love yourself. This can be quite challenging for many of us women. After all, life can be challenging, and we can sometimes get swept away with work, motherhood, relationships etc. However, it is so important for us to nurture ourselves and give ourselves some love. We are beautiful Divine beings. We have a womb that can co-create life, nurture and grow it, until it is ready to start it's journey on Earth. We can produce everything that this new life needs, from within our bodies. Then we give birth to a whole new being! Regardless of whether we are already mothers or not, this is a truly amazing miracle. Not only this, but we support and nurture others. We have a natural nurturing and loving instinct and provide for others emotionally, mentally and physically. We are creative and intuitive. We are in touch with our emotions so have an understanding of emotions and compassion, and are able to guide and support others through this connection. Our bodies are very different to a mans but are also beautiful and feminine. We have curves and breasts and hips! And so so much more.....We are Divine beings and we deserve to love ourselves and all that we are! 

Your inner Goddess wants you to release patterns and blocks to truly be able to awaken your Divine feminine power within you. If we are disconnected to our feminine power, we tend to:

  • Create reoccurring patterns and blocks in our lives because, we are either afraid of, or refuse to, acknowledge and face our unhealed traumas, beliefs and shadow side.
  • We may find ourselves in situations where we feel disempowered, worthless and unhappy. Suppressing our true emotions and feelings. Making us feel trapped, stagnant and powerless to move forward.
  • We may allow our fears to keep us in our comfort zone. Keeping us in a cycle of being robotic, stagnant and stuck. And preventing us from achieving or working towards our dreams and goals, and truly feeling free.
  • We may hold on to old pains, guilt, shame and regrets from traumas and experiences that occurred in our past, creating attachments, fears, negative beliefs and patterns, that prevent us from feeling true unconditional love, joy and happiness, which is our birth right to experience.
  • We may feel unworthy and settle for less than we deserve and want, feeling that we are incapable and unworthy of receiving or deserving more.
  • We often put ourselves last. Putting everyone else first. Compromising our own value and worth, just so we can please and accommodate others.
  • We tend to give, give, give, so much and not allow ourselves to receive, unbalancing the flow of giving and receiving. Which creates blocks with receiving abundance, love and blessings.
  • We may feel afraid to shine and show our true inner power. And share our gifts with the world. Preventing us fulfilling our dreams and Life Purpose

These are just some of the things can make us feel disconnected to ourselves and suppress our feminine energy, our power, sexuality, sensuality and our wholeness as the beautiful powerful Goddess that we are. This is not who we were born to be. Society, oppression, laws and experiences in the world have contributed to us slowly suppressing our Divine feminine. Over centuries we have disconnected with our true nature and power. We also tend to neglect our power centre which is our womb. This is where we are able to create and birth life. It is also where we were created ourselves. So you can imagine the impact of being disconnected to this part of us. We tend to hold a lot of emotions and trauma in our womb area as well as the energies of past exes. This can severely affect the health of our womb, resulting in many different ailments and issues, including infertility, fibroids, endometriosis and cancer. We can hold traumas of sexual abuse, abortion, birthing traumas, as well as other traumas we may have experienced in life, as well as past lives and Ancestral linage patterns and energy. It is where we carry emotions and energy of exes and their emotions also. As you can imagine, this may be a lot that we harbour in our beautiful womb. Energetically clearing and releasing all these traumas and repressed energies is so vitally important. It not only helps the health of our womb and physical body but it also helps us on many other levels and helps us to reconnect with our Inner Goddess more fully. 

It is time for us to rise! To awaken our gifts and share them with the world. To reconnect with our Inner Goddess and let our true Divine feminine power and energy shine. To fall in love with ourselves and honour our inner beauty. To fully reconnect with ourselves on a deep level. So we are able to fully encompass love within our whole being and raise up other women, our children and men (Divine Masculine) up to a higher vibrational frequency. Which in turn heals our planet and creates true profound universal healing, on the deepest level possible.

When we have toxic habits or thoughts about ourselves, it inhibits us in many ways. It can also restrict the type of jobs we go for, relationships we go for and goals we set ourselves. It also restricts our growth as a spiritual being and as a woman. We hinder our growth and deny our power as a Divine being. This can lead us to feeling incomplete and lost, and lacking self-worth, confidence and love. When we look for love or appreciation outside of ourselves, we are forever looking as our happiness depends on the views and opinions of others. Once we have realised our own power, we can accomplish anything! Rising into your Divine Feminine power:

  • Connects and awakens your Inner Goddess and allows you to rise into our Divine Feminine power, which gives you a new sense of confidence and purpose
  • It allows you to become a stronger, more perseverant and balanced woman
  • You are able to gain more clarity of what you want and have the motivation and courage to go and get it
  • Let go of old negative patterns, creating more positivity in your life
  • Your fears and others will no longer be able to define who you are and you will no longer feel afraid at what life throws at you, as you will have the skills, knowledge, strength and perseverance to deal with it
  • Your manifestation skills will elevate and you will be able to create and manifest what you want at rapid speeds
  • Call in your perfect partners or enhance your current relationship to become more fulfilling and balanced.
    • You will be able to better heal yourself through traumas and challenges, understand how to learn and elevate from the lessons and gain wisdom from the experiences, with more grace and ease
    • You will be able to attract and experience the love that you desire and deserve
    • You will have the courage to own your power with confidence, self love and clarity and be able to inspire and help others own theirs

    And so much more! Abundance and receiving are both feminine energies. Once we have awakened this Divine part of ourselves, it will enable us to live in the flow of life, instead of frustration. Our inner Goddess and their Inner God will meet in Divine Unison, creating a perfect balance of yin-yang harmony within and without. I am not saying that life will be without challenges, as this is unrealistic and it is often where we gain our greatest growth.  But awakening our inner Goddess and being in our Divine Feminine energy, will allow us to become more in flow with with the Universe and life itself. And give us the tools to be able to handle anything that is thrown our way, with more grace and ease. 

    There are many ways to begin your journey in awakening your Inner Goddess. There are also many Ancient Divine Goddesses that you can work with that will support you and aid you on your journey. We work with 13 of these amazing energies in my "Sacred Activation of your Divine Feminine" healing program. We also work with the energy of one of these beautiful Goddesses, in my "Sacred Womb Healing"  program. Each persons experience in these sessions will be personal. Please be aware, it is a deep spiritual, mental and emotional journey, that requires you to face your fears, traumas and the deepest and darkest parts of you. You need to be able to fully commit to facing these however uncomfortable that journey may be. It will require you us to acknowledge the ancient pain, distortion and disconnection that we have suffered for generations of time upon this planet. But the healing that takes place will be truly profound. And the enlightenment and growth that emanates, will be truly magic.

    It's time to step into your Divine Feminine power and awaken your Inner Goddess!

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    There is also a free exercise survey you can do for fun to see how you align with your inner Goddess and Divine Feminine energy. (Please note; this exercise is strictly just for FUN and personal information ONLY and does NOT establish or suggest any references or insights regarding your power as a woman). 

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    Love, Light & Blessings