What is Past Life Regression?

Hello beautiful souls....

Past Life Regression is a therapy that allows us to take a journey back to other lifetimes we may have experienced. Some people, believe that we only have and live this one life. There is nothing more to it. Nothing after and nothing before. Then there are some of us, who believe in to a whole other infinite existence. I won't go into it, as It's such a vast topic. But I think you understand what I mean. We also  believe that we have had many lives and been reincarnated each time a life ends, and our soul has been living these lives throughout existence, for many many many centuries. When we regress, it means that we go back. In past life regression, we are able to use visualisation and light hypnosis to be able to recall and explore these times. Also by recalling events and memories from other lifetimes, we are able to get to the source of something and truly heal it, and therefore can become hugely empowered and transformed. This, in turn, creates freedom, balance, self-acceptance and serenity in our current existence.

PLR was first used in the 1890's by a French doctor called 'Dr Pierre Janet' and a psychologist called, 'Sigmund Freud'. It was seen as a taboo practice for many years and only started being recognised and given credit as an important and valued technique in the 1970's. There has been many books since written by many professionals. One being Dr Brian Weiss who has contributed massively and written many many books on the subject.

Apart from being able to explore a whole other lifetime, PLR has many other benefits. It allows us to get to the source of a problem, issue, phobia, trauma, attachment or symptom that is affecting us in our current life, to truly heal these on a deep level. 

We have 3 minds, our conscious mind, our subconscious mind and our super conscious minds. And four levels of the mind: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. We are mostly working in our Beta brain wave, our brains are in this state when we are active, at work, in conversation, communicating ect. It is our active, focussed and alert state of mind. If we are in our Alpha brain wave, we are in a more relaxed state, in meditation, curled up on the sofa watching tv, listening to soothing music, lying in bed resting, ect. We are still aware of what is going on around us. In our Theta state, we are very deeply relaxed, we are still aware of our surroundings and what we are saying, but we are in a more trance like, daydreaming state. We go into this state, just before we fall asleep. It is the brain wave that we access in Past life regression. This state is where our subconscious mind is accessed. Here we are able to change negative patterns and beliefs, download feelings, rewire neuron connections, recreate memories, access long term and repressed memories and more. When we are in our Delta brain wave when we are in a deep sleep. 

Our conscious mind is very logical, it's job is to make sense of things, hold short term memories, help us with communication, work, keep us alert, logical, tackle problems ect. Our subconscious mind is the place where we store everything we have experienced. It holds our long term memories, programs we have been taught and shown from birth or before, habits, addictions, trauma, basically, everything we have experienced in our lives. It controls our feelings, subconscious thoughts and  emotions, and manages these to dictate what they do to the body.

Our conscious mind makes sense of and decides what would be best for us, but the subconscious will only implement it if it agrees. We can feel that something is true in our conscious minds but it can be very different in our subconscious minds and this can rule over any healing, decisions or actions we do, carry out and experience. Our subconscious mind receives programming from birth and from past lives, so we may have irrational fears or carry out negative patterns in this lifetime that are not connected to any experience from our childhood. We also hold trauma here and in the cellular memory of our bodies. Each individual cell in our bodies has it's own memory, and these carry memories of traumas and experiences throughout our lifetimes, playing and replaying them in our lives again and again, until the trauma is resolved. These beliefs, traumas and patterns can become glued into the subconscious mind. In regression, we use techniques to allow these to become unstuck. We can access these cellular memories while we are in a theta state, our subconscious minds, and truly heal and release these from the source of the trauma. Bringing deep healing and the freedom to move forward into our current lives.

Our Superconscious mind is our higher mind, our soul mind. It is our connection to the universal mind, All that is, the spirit planes, our soul‟s home. It is the aspect of our being that exists before birth and after death. We can also access this part of our minds in regression.

I would like to establish that illnesses, ailments, phobias, repeated negative patterns, vows, oaths and blocks, can be the result of traumas that we experience in this current lifetime, childhood, past lives or through carrying ancestral linage traumas, illnesses or shadows. They are not necessarily all a result of a past life we have lived. Having said that, it is still possible that they are. If you have a condition, phobia or belief that you have had healing for, whether it be medical or complementary and it doesn't seem to add up, be resolved or be eased by the treatment, it's usually a good idea to look deeper into where the source of this issue could have originated from. Issues/conditions that we may be experiencing, have to be healed from the source to truly heal and be released and resolved. So if they continue to be an issue after treatment, it simply means that you haven't reached or found the source of it yet. Once you do managed to heal it from the source, amazing and magical things happen. Growth that has come from healing, is so positively immense, it has changed people's whole entire life and being. 

I also want to say, that Past Life Regression is also a really fun way of getting to know yourself and soul on a deeper level. There are many "aha" moments and enlightening illuminations that bring great joy and a feeling of acceptance, greater understanding and compassion. It is also a great gift to know yourself on a deep level. A word of caution though, releasing trauma from past life experiences can be deeply challenging, as you are having to face those memories of the traumas and experiences head on. As with all healing, it is a deep spiritual, mental and emotional journey, that requires you to face your fears, traumas and the deepest and darkest parts of you.

I don't want to go too much into it as again, it's such a vast topic but there is so much information out there for if you feel like PLR is something you would want to delve into on a deeper level. 

I hope this brought some clarity as to what Past Life Regression is and how it can help you. 

Until next time,

Sending you Love, Light & Harmony 💗🌟💜