One of the most powerful healings. "Healing of the Baby in the Womb"

When we are in our mothers womb, we are in a protective cocoon. Safe from the world. However, this is when we are most receptive to her emotions and what she eats and puts into her body. The energy and emotions that we were created with up till our birth and after, may create more of an impact on us today than we realise. Some babies were created in abusive situations, some babies were created with the father or mother not truly wanting them, some babies were created where the mother wasn’t in a good place emotionally or mentally and was going through a difficult time or trauma, or wasn’t emotionally ready to be a mother. Some may have been ill during their pregnancy or had a difficult birth and needed strong medication, which would have filtered down into the baby in the placenta.
When I was pregnant with my first son, I was going through a really difficult time with the father. He was abusive, physically, emotionally and mentally. This is also when I also found out that he had just recently had another child by another woman and hidden both of us from each other. What followed was one of the most emotionally, and mentally painful times of my life. Then during the birth, one of the pain reliefs that I was given, triggered an epileptic fit and I blacked out. I had to be put under general anesthetic and have an emergency C section. It was hours before I woke up, confused and in pain as I had dislocated and fractured my arm during the seizure. I didn’t get to be the first one to hold him or feed him and the way he arrived in the world was a shock for him and also confusing. So my sons first experience, all the way up to and after birth, was one of trauma. Everything I experienced, he experienced too, as he was part of me, inside of me. The violence, fears, emotional upsets, drugs during the birthing process, all happened to him too. Anyway, I don’t want to go on, I just wanted to show an example of how mothers experiences can also be traumatic for their unborn children. Of course, this is not the mothers fault at all, it’s just the way things sometimes happen. But these traumas can stay in the subconscious mind and create fears and beliefs that are triggered by situations throughout our lives.
'The Healing of the baby' in the womb, releases all of these memories and beliefs that we may have experienced. Any negative emotions or experiences that your mother may have had when you were conceived and during her pregnancy are healed and released. Any feelings of rejection, abandonment, being a mistake ect. Any feelings from your father if he was around at the time of her pregnancy, if he wasn’t ready for a baby and was angry or resentful, if he wanted a girl/boy and the baby was the opposite gender, feelings we may have felt of being unaccepted, a disappointment.
Emotions are energy, our bodies and energy fields are so very sensitive to energy and emotions. Our cells pick up invisible energy (energy that is not visible to the naked eye), and interprets them into feelings. The logic part of our brain tries to make sense of these, so groups them with other similar emotions. This also happens with memories. It will attach the emotions of how we felt at the time the memory was created, to certain triggers, i.e sounds, smells, people, experiences, objects ect. So that they can be accessed when they are triggered. These memories are stored in our subconscious mind and when they are triggered, they release these feelings that are attached to them and can create havoc for us. This is what happens with PTSD sufferers.
This begins just after conception. This is why “Healing the baby in the womb” is such a powerful healing. As you know energy is fluid, there is no time or space constraints. Energy has no space, time or dimension restrictions, so can be used to heal and flow anywhere, at any time, to any distance. This is a healing that all Theta Healers ® use and many other healers too. I have used this healing on myself, on my children and in all of my sessions with clients. I have seen miraculous results in some people. Of course it’s not a miracle cure and healing ourselves takes a lot more than one healing but this is a gentle amazing way to start and can create major shifts.
You can also use it for your children if you feel that it is needed. Just visualise the baby being them. It is one of the few healings that you do not need someones permission for. Their higher self will either just accept it and implement it or won’t. It can be very moving and you may find it quite emotional. This is a good thing, it means that you are releasing and being cleansed. It's important to allow any feelings that come up to be released. Make the intention to allow them to release and breathe deeply through them. You will feel amazing afterwards!
This is just one of the powerful healing's that I use in my tailored sessions. If you would like to try this healing and have a full tailored session to help you on your healing journey, please contact me and we can book a free consultation and create a personalised session that will help you on the highest level.
Till next time, sending you all Love, Light & Harmony.  💖🌟💜
Natalie xxx