What is your Inner Divine Warrior?

This is one for the Gents...

The Inner Divine Warrior until now, has often been over looked. There is so much information about the Divine Feminine and Inner Goddess, that it can almost feel as if the men are being forgotten. Why is this? Over the centuries, masculine energy has often been distorted as domineering, controlling, perversive and aggressive. But this is only in it's shadow form, which is re-living old templates of the collective. The shadow masculine energy, can be arrogant, domineering, destructive and over powering. But once balanced, in it's Divine form, masculine energy is powerful, protective and courageous, disciplined, passionate and focussed. It is strong and has direction and motivation to move past challenges and move forward in life. These are very important aspects in the balance of humanity and evolution. What's more they are also important in teaching our children and the generation of tomorrow, how to fully live in their power and continue to evolve and reach higher. It is also majorly important in the successful unity of men and women and creating a balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies within us all.  

Over centuries men have been subjected to forms of conditioning, which has resulted in a distorted perspective of "what it means to be considered a man." For example: Men shouldn't cry, they should suppress their emotions and always be strong and in control at all times, they should have a successful career and make a lot of money, they must dominate women physically, sexually, and career-wise, they are expected to be aggressively self-confident, look strong and have muscles. These are just a few. This conditioning has caused a distorted perception of "what it means to be a man." This can cause men to feel, that if they don't live up to these old templates, they are unworthy, weak, disempowered, humiliated, and feel like they have failed in their masculinity. And what's more, over the centuries, men have been subjected to war, slavery and brutality, which has created a soldier mentality and bravado, in which men cannot be seen as vulnerable. This conditioning has also resulted in a separation with Source and a disconnection with mans inner emotions and true feelings. Rather than being in touch with their inner self, they look outside of themselves, striving to conform with the distorted opinions of society, instead of listening and trusting in their own connection and their personal expressions of masculinity and who they are. 

This disconnection effects the relationship and connection a man has with himself, romantic relationships and also relationships with the opposite gender. It can also leave a man feeling neglected, abused, rejected, unappreciated and misunderstood. This can often result to major blockages and negative patterns being carried out in life. And cause an imbalance in their whole being. It is time that these old false templates and way of thinking is deconstructed. Reconnecting with the Divine Masculine and awakening your Inner Warrior brings you back into balance so you are able to release old patterns and blocks to truly be in your power. When you connect with your Inner Masculine warrior, you can have major breakthroughs and experience great shifts in your energy and your lives.

Masculine energy in its balanced Divine form is powerful, protective and courageous, disciplined, passionate and focussed. When you are in your Inner Divine Masculine Warrior energy you can:

  • Initiate change more easily in your lives.
  • Gain the motivation and strength to take that bold step into the unknown and surge forward
  • You will feel more connected with yourself and those around you. 
  • Increase your ability to set strong boundaries 
  • More easily achieve your goals
  • You will feel more balanced and life will flow more easily rather than constantly feeling like a struggle. 
  • Gain more self-assertiveness and enhanced will-power
  • You will feel more confident about going for what you truly want and achieving great results. 
  • You will feel stronger in your masculinity, life and attract more fulfilling relationships
  • Improve self-discipline
  • You will be able to better heal yourself through traumas and challenges, understand how to learn and elevate from the lessons and gain wisdom from the experiences, with more grace and ease
  • You will gain a greater understanding of all things and be able to tackle any challenges that are thrown your way with greater ease and grace.
  • You will feel freer and more confident to be in touch with your emotions and so feel more balanced in your being. 

And so much more! By reconnecting with your Inner Warrior, you are awakening the Divine Masculine and creating inner and outer harmony. You are reconnecting to the wholeness deep within yourself and coming into your true power and Divine masculine energy. You will feel stronger, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and so create major shifts and profound healing throughout your whole entire life and being. 

There are many ways to begin your journey in awakening your Inner Masculine Warrior. There are many articles online giving you more information. Or my Deep Energetic Trauma Release sessions may help you. 

It's time to reconnect with your Divine Masculine, step into your power and awaken your Inner Masculine Warrior!