A Past Life Regression Experience

I wanted to write a post on some of my experiences with Past Life Regression. As a PLR therapist I have many many stories I'd love to share, but for this post, I will be sharing one about a past life as a healer and witch. 

For my disclaimer and more information on Past Life Regression, please visit my blog: What is Past Life Regression?

Apart from being a therapeutic healing, Past Life Regression can be a really fun way of getting to know yourself and soul on a deeper level. There are many "aha" moments and enlightening illuminations that bring great joy and a feeling of acceptance, greater understanding and compassion. It is also a great gift to know yourself on a deep level. A word of caution though, releasing trauma from past life experiences can be deeply challenging, as you are having to face those memories of the traumas and experiences head on. As with all healing, it is a deep spiritual, mental and emotional journey, that requires you to face your fears, traumas and the deepest and darkest parts of you. So before delving into any complementary therapies, you need to recognise this and ask yourself truthfully, if you are ready to heal and are able to fully commit to facing these, however uncomfortable that journey may be. It will require you to acknowledge past and ancient pain, distortion and disconnection that you have suffered, possibly for generations of time upon this planet. But the healing that takes place will be truly profound. And the enlightenment and growth that emanates, will be truly magical.  

Firstly, I would like to state that all names used in this story have been changed due to client confidentiality. However, the account is true and I have had permission from my client to share her story and experience. 

Ok, so with that out of the way, lets begin. When I first started my journey as a PLR therapist. I met a lady called Sandra. Sandra had, had a previous experience of PLR before and found it very helpful in letting go of old patterning. She also really enjoyed getting to know herself on a deeper level, so she decided that she would like to find out about another issue that she currently had in her life. Sandra had a phobia of fire. She was so frightened of it that she would feel a crippling fear if she even thought about lighting a match. She loved candles and wanted to use them in her everyday life. She also really wanted to be able to release this fear and explore where this phobia had come from. She felt that it may have been from a past life, as she had always had this phobia of fire and without any reason. 

As Sandra stepped into my therapy room, she was very friendly and very excited about what the session may bring. We had a little talk about her hopes and any fears she had regarding the session. We created her "Safe Space" script. This is place that we create before any session. Somewhere where the client can retreat to if the memory of their past life gets too challenging. It's somewhere where they can take a breather, feel calm, tranquil and reset. It is their own personal safe place. It is usually a beautiful seaside island, lush green sunny field or serene flower filled garden. I often retreat to mine in meditation. Or picture myself there if i'm feeling anxious in a situation. If you ever feel anxious or stressed, coupled with deep breathing, it's a great place to visualise and go to. It helps to get you functioning from your parasympathetic nervous system, to create calm and the feeling of safety throughout your body. 

Once we had completed our pre-talk, we began getting ready for the session. Sandra started to relax and breath deeply and I took her through the relaxation and deepening part of the session. This is pretty much just releasing all tension from your body and getting into a deep state of relaxation. For you to be able to access past life memories, you need to be in your sub-conscious mind. To get there, you need to be very relaxed. 

Sandra easily relaxed into a deep state and was able to access a past life memory. It began with her acknowledging her outfit. Which consisted of a mid grey plain long dress. The material was thick and rough and felt heavy around her small shoulders. She had a rope like belt, tied loosely around her waist. Upon her chest, lay a large thick wooden cross. It was attached to a necklace of wooden beads and reached down to her stomach. She was able to perceive herself as female and around 19 years old. When Sandra was asked about her surroundings, she was able to observe herself in a large building. There were many people around her, rushing around and wearing the same thing. The floors were wooden and polished and there were large wooden staircases at the end of the halls. She noticed a stern woman standing supervising what was going on. She was able to discern that they were getting ready for someone very important. They were required to all work hard so they could get things ready for him. It was a big day. She felt that she was new and a little nervous and taken aback by all the commotion that was happening. But her cross gave her feelings of safety. 

We went forward to a significant time in that life. Sandra found herself in a dark cold damp room. It came to light that it was some kind of cell. When looking around, she noticed a small window with three bars. There was a lot of noise going on outside and a lot of shouting. When asked how she was feeling, she stated that she was feeling very anxious and cold and had a feeling of dread. I asked her to take a look out of the window to see what she could see. When Sandra peered out of the window, she could see many people building something. There were men in tall hats giving orders. They seemed angry and aggressive in their behaviour. They were building what seemed to be some sort of stake. There were piles of wood surrounding the object that were being added to by the men working. We took a breather and I took Sandra back to her "Safe Place" at this point, as she was getting increasingly anxious and feeling extreme feelings of cold. Her whole body was physically shivering and shaking and we were in a warm heated room! She was gripping something on the centre of her chest that I concluded was perhaps the memory of the cross that she held in the life she was experiencing. Once Sandra was in a calm state of mind she asked to proceed with the past life experience. 

We were back in the cold damp cell. At this point Sandra realised that the object that these men were building was an instrument of torture and was in fact for her. I asked her why she felt that and she told me that she had been healing people with natural herbs. Creating flower and herb remedies to heal them from illnesses and afflictions. She had successfully helped quite a few people but people has stared talking about her remedies and some were frightened of what she was doing. They were deeply religious and believed that she was using dark magic and at some point, they would have to pay with their lives or souls. She was also seen as a traitor to God as he was believed to be the only healer.and they felt that she was claiming superiority over him. Her punishment was to be her life. They believed this would cleanse the town, people and her soul.

We went forward slightly to just before her point of passing. She was still in the cell which was very cold, dark and damp. The object the men were building was now complete and Sandra could hear the men coming for her.  She could hear the sounds of chains and shouting and felt extremely frightened. At this point she said she fell to her knees and started to pray to God. Holding her cross by her chest. This gave her some comfort. The next few memories were quite traumatising so we'll skip those. We took another trip to her 'Safe Space' as you can imagine, it was quite traumatic for her. We went through some techniques to calm her and so that she remembered that she was merely observing the memory and not re-living it. Once she felt calmer, we went back to the past life she was experiencing. She was now tied onto the large wooden object. And a fire was lit underneath her. I asked Sandra of she wanted to exit the life but she said she felt calm as she understood that she was just observing the memory. The next moments were quite intense and led to her passing. She now watched the scene and the moments of her passing by floating above it. We did some release and forgiveness work. Also completion of lessons, releasing of any vows or oaths that were created and understanding and acknowledging of lessons. We also did a full healing on Sandra's mental, physical, emotion and physical bodies. After the healing I brought Sandra back to this present life. Sandra stated that she felt very peaceful and calm. And also very light, like a feeling of bliss. We spoke about her experience and evaluated the life. We discussed how her phobia of fire could very well have been related to her experience in that life time. And now she had acknowledge it and we had performed powerful healing surrounding her past life experience, her phobia may very well have been alleviated. 

A few days after the session, Sandra contacted me and told me that she was now able to use matches and use lighters. Something she had been much too frighted to do before. She was extremely happy.

This is just one of the many sessions and lives I have had the privilege of being part of and experiencing as a therapist. I truly love the work that I do and feel so blessed and grateful for being able to help people find healing and growth. 

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Many thanks and blessings to my client for allowing me to share her amazing journey, into one of her past lives. I am truly grateful 💗


Until next time,

Sending you Love, Light & Harmony 💗🌟💜