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I specialise in women's energy healing therapies and natural aromatherapy products, to create deep healing and awaken your Inner Goddess, your Divine Feminine energy, so you are able to truly come into your power, embrace and connect with who you really are at a soul level, bringing you into balance and creating major shifts in your energy, thinking, emotions and transforming all parts of your life.

Over centuries, we as women have experienced traumas, which have disconnected us with our true nature and power, our feminine energy, sexuality, sensuality and wholeness. Society, oppression, laws and experiences in the world have contributed to us slowly suppressing our Divine Feminine energy. Traumas of sexual abuse, abortion, mental, emotional and physical abuse, rape, negative birthing experiences, as well as other traumas we may have experienced in this life, past lives and Ancestral lineage, may cause us to hold on to old pains, guilt, shame and regrets, creating attachments, fears, negative beliefs and patterns, that have wounded our Divine Feminine and prevented us from fully standing in our power and feeling true unconditional love, joy and happiness.

I am an Intuitive Healer and connect and work with Spirit Guides and Higher Light Beings to help women who are survivors of abuse to overcome these traumas and experiences, move past them and heal and reawaken their Divine Feminine energy to fully blossom and stand in their Goddess power once again. My healing sessions and programs :

*Help you truly heal on a deep profound level

*Help you to gain back your freedom & confidence to stand in your power

*Bring you into unison with yourself, so you are able to call in better relationships

*Shift old limiting beliefs into empowering ones

*Rebalance and restore you on all levels of your being

*Let go of all that no longer serves you and move forward powerfully

*Remove old blocks, patterns, and templates

*Heal and release Ancestral Lineage programming & patterns

*Open your heart fully

*Raise your vibration to a higher frequency and wholeness and

*Reconnect with your Divine Feminine Energy & Awaken your Inner Goddess

I offer sessions either in person through workshops or remotely, via Skype or Video call.


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